Weight Gain Progress

Alright, I’m midway through my weight gain program, exercising, etc… and I gotta say I am absolutely happy with the progress. I gained a lot of weight till now (knock wood mashalla mashalla yekhzi el 3ein tfu tfu tfu) and God willing I still got 5 kilos to go :)

As well as rehydrate myself, sigh.

So just for reference here is the photo when Hamza came over:

And here is me as of 30 minutes ago (yes with a complete hairdo!!):

Now just for you to know, it is absolutely NOT easy to gain weight! “Just eat!” really doesn’t work a lot, cuz believe it or not it takes a LOT of effort to keep eating all day and worrying about eating more. Feeling bloated is as bas as feeling hungry and let me tell you at times I just can’t look at food because my stomach is like “wlak I JUST finished digesting your lunch!”

It hurts a LOT to see how I used to be, but el7amdella I am trying to work out so many issues in my life and this is top priority right now. The only thing I regret is not waking up to my reality before, but the fact that I woke up is good for now to get me started with progress.

Thank you ALL for your moral support on my so many issues… I truly appreciate it. You’re great friends to have around :)