Upcoming Posts…

I’m a bit swarmed with work this week (imbeciles!) in a freezer (imbeciles!) inhaling server fumes (imbeciles!) trying to understand a system I am supposed to be looking after (oh boy what did my company get themselves into?)

However I am preparing the following posts:

- Moogle Thoughts: On Qwaider’s Marriage-thing
- Peter Up For Adoption
- Mom Comes to Town: How to Devour Kibbeh in 3 Minutes
- The Horror of USA Toilets (no water! ZOMG! keef biddi etshattaf!) + a related childhood experience
- Reaching Singularity in Syria + surreal photos
- KJ the Arrogant: Diaries of the Female Coworkers (field day, Oh Believer who is reading this ;) )