Too Optimistic?

I thought I was perceived as a pessimist when I was younger, when in fact I was just cautious because of my worrying habits. Now, it seems that people see me as too cheerful for my own good!!!

Is it wrong to smile for no reason? Is it wrong to try to look at the better side of things? Is it wrong to acknowledge there is more to a day than traffic and work and stupid news and war and people being kidnapped and raped and new stupid toll gates being installed?

Is it wrong to appreciate the taste of food, the rejuvenation of drinking water, the comfort of being in an air conditioned room when a sandstorm brews outside?

It seems like it!!! I am too optimistic at times – call it naive call it whatever, I don’t give a shit!

But don’t come and try to depress me about it!

Today they succeeded in pissing me off and depressing me, because especially today I was vulnerable to such attacks!

But when the day ended and I got myself a nice new comfortable mattress, all that went away! Why? Cuz I felt that after this shitty day (week) I could finally have a good night’s sleep! Regardless of what tomorrow brings!

And while going OCD on a drawer I found not one but TWO صابون غار (bay leaves soap) which made my day cuz the aroma intoxicates me!

Right now I am relaxed, so I shouldn’t be mad at what happened today and I shouldn’t worry about tomorrow or the fact that I need to take a dump and drink water cuz I am very thirsty!

I am in the now and this is what I should worry about!

So for the love of all that you love, try to smile! Really! What’s wrong! I won’t be a hypocrite, I DO get upset and angry and frown, but not ALL the time and certainly NOT when someone is trying to cheer me up!