Stuff That Make Me Go *hic*

I’m a non-alcoholic, non-druggie and as such I demand my fix every now and then (ie every day) from some other stuff. So here is a selection list of things that can – literally – make me go drunk or high (yes there is more lol):

- coffee coolata with hazelnuts from Dunkin’ Donuts (drunk)
- strong chocolate (high)
- chocolate mousse or brownie with vanilla ice cream and molten hot fudge (drunk and I moan sexually)
- matteh (high)
- banana split (high)

- losing my religion (high)
- chasing cars (high)
- ordinary world (high)
- fields of gold (lala land for Moogle)
- anything linkin park (high)
- sound of silence (drunk)
- lamlamto thekra liqa2 el ams [fairuz] (drunk)
- come away with me (hopelessly drunk, this will be my wedding dance song)
and other stuff I can’t remember now

- chocolate (high)
- bakery (very high)
- ginger (high)
- jasmine (high)
- lemon and pine (high)
- clean laundry (high)
- bay leaves (drunk)
- woman’s skin (drunk)

As you can see I’m almost always high LOL…. So what’s your list :D