KJ’s Weird Metabolism

This was supposed to be a Moogle’s Thoughts but I will keep his remarks on the subject matter for later ;)
One of the weird things about me is how a good portion of my life revolves around food. I am well aware we all eat, but I literally have to sit and think about food constantly LOL!

one of my favorite dishes, prepared by none other than fellow blogger moryarti

Ever since I came to I realized I am in a constant state of hunger. Even when I eat I get hungry just a little bit afterwards. Unfortunately with all my former eating habits I didn’t really take in any healthy stuff.

That all changed two years ago when I decided to go healthy (although I have been cooking my own food since 2nd year college). Make sure to eat all the veggies and meat and the hideous fruits.

resistance is futile

Then I went to the dietitian last month and she gave me a synopsis on why I am weird.

She first started by telling me how I am normal in everything (knock wood) or minimal normal, except I severealy lack protein (duh) and minerals and I am dehydrated.

It’s 43C outside how can I not be LOL!

So I told her what I eat during the day and her eyes kept widening.

She ran another test and found out I burn enough calories in idle mode a day to light up the whole of the Emirates for a week.

So she put me on a heavy calorie “diet” where I am to eat roughly 1.5 times what I burn. Food enough to feed a village. LOL!

possibly one of the greatest meals of all time

In the next meeting she was positvely happy that I have gained significant muscle mass as well as roughly 4 pounds in two weeks. You’ be seeing some photos soon of chubbier me lol!

So she asked me “how was the food?”.

“I am still hungry,” I said.

She almost died, right there and then. She looked at her paper, then at her computer. “You eat the MOST of ALL our clients!!!!”

“Well I also eat stuff not on the menu,” I said nonchalantly.

“WLAK WEIN BETROO7 FEEHON!” she screamed (where the F do you go with the food!)

“That’s your job to know!” I said.

this is skinnier me (today’s KJ minus 8 pounds) last winter, binging on the best cheesecake in town. and no I don’t have a big nose. you lie!

She then just took a breath and said: “Ok, this is good for now, your improvements. But men like you have really one option to gain weight and muscle: Get married then work out”.

I was also told the same thing by one of the older men in the office LOL! He also said by the age of 30 my metabolism will get reduced a good amount so I might as well enjoy eating!

So girls, line up please… auditioning starts soon! (God help me… mom comes in two weeks; the Bride Shopping continues!)