Attending My Friend’s Jaha!


My friends and I decided to go to Abu Dhabi (where the Jaha was) early in the day so we can hang out, have lunch and some shisha before submitting عريسنا on the path of his last months of bachelorhood. And of course for us to hit on girls in cafes :D

So en route, my friend as usual spilled coffee all over himself (he is known to always do that) and we had to clean him up LOL. It was hilarious. Then at lunch he spilled over hot cheddar cheese. HAHA majnoon I swear!

My other friend showered me with cigarette ashes grrr! I was coughing all night last night from second hand smoke!

So we reached Abu Dhabi after crossing another sandstorm between the two emirates – and Abu Dhabi was surprisingly non humid and had great weather. Which was awesome!

After lunch we headed to a nearby cafe with a sea view and my other friends tried to hit on girl on another table unsuccessfully while me and one of the guys went into serious discussion on him wanting to get married. So I knew a friend of a friend who wants to get married too so I did the phone calls loooooooooooool! What a day!

Anyway, it was time for the Jaha after maghrib…. we went to the house and the ceremony itself was awesome. There was NO “trade” and there was NO indication the woman was up for purchase and there was NOTHING demeaning about it!

Bel 3aks!

It was a great event to attend for the first time… how his dad and uncle politely asked the woman’s hand for marriage and they will be taking care of her and stuff! And they pointed out they were happy to maintain these traditions that define their culture so it was great.

My friend’s face was beaming! LOL! (it dawned on him later what he just did and he was trembling LOOOL)

So after the Jaha my friends and I left the place and we went to watch UEFA in a cafe – Netherlands vs France. I was cheering for Netherlands but the match was a total joke though! LOL!

And tada! That’s it :D I went back home and spent 20 minutes to remove the contact lenses. Sigh! When will my drama with lenses end!