Up for Charity?! Help Me Get This..

Say hello to the Charlie Chaplin 88 Limited Edition. This is your top priority pen, and preferrably in roller ink… however since it is limited I guess I will have to make do with a nib.

Now in case that was off budget – although if you all contribute we can collectively afford it – you can get me a slightly more affordable Alexander Von.

Now the incentive you have to buy me one of those (the Charlie Chaplin please) is that I will personally provide you a hand written thank you letter and enclose a small gift as well. The person with the largest contribution also gets Moogle, Peter or a miniMoogle when born. Besides it will be used to write the book I have always wanted to write, so you’re doing the world a favor by speeding up the process.

So thank you in advance :D

How the World Works

Finally it encoded grrr!

Alright, this is a really, really informative video! It is a bit lengthy but trust me as soon as Hans Rosling starts speaking, you wouldn’t want to stop!

His ideas are just brilliant, and they way they’re presented. Of course, the ideas are as brilliant as the post by Hani Obaid (Unnatural Selection which you should read prior to watching this) which inspired me to post this video!

KJ Made Fun of on Air… AGAIN!

Every day whilst stuck in the morning traffic I listen to my favorite radio show (Neal & Vicky in the Morning) and participate in lots of contests.
If not participating I bombard them with SMSes with Moogle jokes and they crack up with honorable mentions of Moogle on air (yes Dubai knows of Moogle LOL!)

While usually I am the person making fun of them, today tables turned against me (again) and I was made fun of on air! OMG! LOOL!

This time it was mild, I will post the other one later…

So today I called for this contest called Cash Builder… where basically you guess a 5 digit number and if you got it right you win the cash. For the past couple of weeks I was having good luck getting through the lines, and the previous time the contest ran I started with the first number with 77777 and said this time it will be lucky – and lo and behold, 18 days later when the number was finally guessed the cash reached 733 dollars (2700 AED) – the HIGHEST ever reached!

And Moogle started it! WOOHOO!

So today I called and he said: “It’s Kinan right? How can someone miss your soothing voice?”


OK I KNOW that I sound like a smoking goat thanks to the Tom/Bob Incident, bas don’t rub it in my face :'(


I know his weak point though – he’s on a strict diet and he is forbidden to eat anything sweet.

So I will be sending him a chocolate mousse cake this week. mihmhimihmih

Upcoming Posts…

I’m a bit swarmed with work this week (imbeciles!) in a freezer (imbeciles!) inhaling server fumes (imbeciles!) trying to understand a system I am supposed to be looking after (oh boy what did my company get themselves into?)

However I am preparing the following posts:

- Moogle Thoughts: On Qwaider’s Marriage-thing
- Peter Up For Adoption
- Mom Comes to Town: How to Devour Kibbeh in 3 Minutes
- The Horror of USA Toilets (no water! ZOMG! keef biddi etshattaf!) + a related childhood experience
- Reaching Singularity in Syria + surreal photos
- KJ the Arrogant: Diaries of the Female Coworkers (field day, Oh Believer who is reading this ;) )

ZOMG My Room Circa 2005

Was browsing through some old photos and found this shot of my dorms back in 2005 LOL! OMG I can’t believe the feathers were not aligned symmetrically! This is such a كركبة and عجقة and so unOCD *dies*.

Starting from the left I had one of the many speakers all attached to my then-funky laptop for videogaming and movie purposes as well as one of the many campus flags I “permanently borrowed”. Hamza, having been on the Dean’s List for so many consecutive semesters, felt like I do deserve to be on the Dean’s List but the stupid Math courses kept bringing my GPA down. So with his generosity he donated to me one of his Honors Banners. Awww!

Center stage is the main desk which houses several useless items like Spawn and some other odd robots as well as various medals and medallions (one of which was donated to me in NYC 1997 LOOOL). Below you can see some of the greeting cards I received on my birthday or at random (don’t you love them random cards?).

Below that I kept the books I used the most… good thing I had more novels to read than school books hehe and please take note of the slingshot (which was put into use).

The heart pillow was given to me by a girl I loathed so I used it to support my bum and for it to mute my farts and contain any malodorous traces :D

The منشر الغسيل I got from Ikea on Christmas, and I taped it to the desk and hung family photos there as well as feathers because you know family على راسهم ريشة … loool!

And finally on the right I had the stuffed animal collection (not shown for obvious reasons) as well as the prayer corner (as you can see my from my prayer rug). The other side of the room had my tidy bed and my reading corner which resulted in my flunking several Calculus exams (and Calculus courses). The good that came out of it was that it was there I was inspired to begin writing short stories several of which got published :D

And there you have it!