The Fellow Bloggers’ Roast

OK I am sorry I just couldn’t resist! Haha! But know that I love you all really!! So let’s start with me for an ice breaker!

KJ’s Blog: HaHa Look At Me I Have 4 Living Entities In My Head (And You Only Know of Moogle) How Can I Be Sillier Than This No Wonder I Have No Job Opportunities

Asma’s Blog: OMG I Went Shopping With My Aunt’s Best Friend and We Ate Fries Then Latte From Starbucks While My Dad Complained About GAP When He Wore His Ghastly Runners How Is That For A Long Title Part 816

7aki’s Blog: Kteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute Little 7aki Reciting Pillars of the Earth FA3ES

Qwaider’s Blog: Why Women Can’t Operate a Vacuum Cleaner (and 100 other things men are better at) [subtext: no I am not against women] + Movie Preview Special: Women With Brains and other Firefox Myths, a Documentary

Hamza’s Blog: When My Neighbour’s Best Friend’s Cousin’s Girlfriend’s Brother’s Kitten and I Had The Talk

Abu Fares’s Blog: The Most Elaborate And Exquisitely Worded Essay On My Wonderful And Well Orchestrated Trip to the Most Beautifully Created Fresh Basil Smelled City In The World + How To Make Shankleesh With Some History Lesson For The Kids

Hani Obaid’s Blog: Here Is My Monthly List Of Things I Have Been Doing And Oh Please Don’t Overlook The I-Am-An-Infidel Line Thrown There In Between The Comics

Maher’s Blog: Effffffft Exaaaaaaaams W ma 7abaket My Hot Imaginary Girlfriend Who Wears 100inch Glasses Has Purple-Green Hair and Sports a Wolverine’s Nails to Come Except While I Have 4 Finals And A Softball Match To Attend To

Tada! Now I can go attend the Fairuz concert with a clear conscience LOL!