UAE Crackdown Against God of War

Even though I blogged about the issue before when it started in KSA, I am very surprised to see that the stupidity has infiltrated the UAE as well. Yesterday’s news mentioned a crackdown against God of War, possibly one of the most popular games in recent history.

The game is loosely based on Greek Mythology, and features the slaughtering of lots of mythical creatures and fighting various popular Olympian gods or one of them wonderful Titans.

Note that this is not the first game in history that features Greek mythology and it definitely is not the first game where a form of God is involved in. Heck, if this is the case then why isn’t Xenosaga banned? Or is the term Lost Jerusalem has nothing to do with religion? Why don’t they ban Final Fantasy VII? Sephiroth, Jenova anyone?! How about Final Fantasy X? Or the most blatantly controversial Tactics?

Heck, even Legend of Zelda has three deities… oh my the blasphemy!

And God of War contains sex scenes… oooh! Cuz Extreme Volleyball is fine with an all-cast women with breasts so enormous and bouncy they defy all laws of gravity. You don’t believe me? Watch this and this.

Well then… if they’re banning a GAME, why not as well ban, I dunno, the bars, the night clubs, the alcohol, and maybe close down the prostitution street?! You know where it is! The whole district shakes every night!

Practice what you preach and stop being hypocrites. Don’t say this is an Islamic country and ban non-Islamic stuff, then sell books and videos and movies and services that are anything but that!

I understand it is because kids are playing it – but it is an 18+ rated game and for good reason too. Don’t ban the game – fine the retail outlets that are selling it to minors!