I Want to Die a Long Horrible Death

But it is 7aram to wish ill on oneself so I will be asking for your help :P

I am so so so so so so so utterly pissed now it isn’t even funny. I guess now I understand what my cousin went through last summer. I have been planing this great holiday escape with my best friend to the weirdest place you’d find bachelor men in: The Maldives. Why? Because I want to go there, relax, read a good book, tan, take photos and watch someone drown whilst snorkeling.

Yes I could do it here in Dubai. Yes I could do it anywhere on the UAE coast. Yes I can go to anyplace in the Indian Ocean or Mauritius or a place where bachelor men don’t have the disadvantage.

But do I care? NO, I don’t, because I want to escape city life, go to a blue open water, and enjoy being 7ay ibn yaqthan.

My best friend was so excited about the trip. I worked the whole nine yards, where we’d be staying, the booking, etc, everything. Then ONE STUPID PERSON somehow convinced my best friend it is a couples-only place, and every single thing he found GREAT, he found an excuse against it.

How ridiculous!

FINE, it is a romantic place. Go hit on a turtle, for all I care! Enjoy the friggin serenity for a few days! You get to feed frigging shrimps to a frigging whale shark whilst diving!

I actually booked this very room you see in this very photo

He started planning for Malaysia but I was so pissed off he canceled the thing after I showed him attitude. I convinced myself to go to Malaysia and got excited about it, and even found reservations and what have you, but he just bailed out completely. Heck I even found a Maldives-like island we can go relax in for a couple of days and I made sure it isn’t for humpers only. I was doing all that whilst supervising the cabling for our new data center in one of the most hazardous working environments ever (next post), in a frigging basement with close to nil coverage.

I haven’t had a holiday since December 2005 and when I FINALLY get FIVE FRIGGIN DAYS OFF, this crap happens!

It’s my fault I wasn’t very tolerant to change in plans – but he knows me and my circumstances better than to be pissed off at me for being pissed off at him. Ya3ni he’s straight-headed enough to tame Moogle very well in these situations!

But I am just so goddamn angry – and I know I shouldn’t be – and I am seeing my only five days off slowly crumble away. I swear I am THIS close to lactating from my eyeballs.

I still own my cousin a trip to Istanbul (which I won’t go to without him). I should have just picked 3 of my readers and paid their trips to come visit me here. Hmm… anyone willing to visit me sometime in autumn? Qwaider is definitely on the list of invitees; there are lots of gals I know who need bashing! LOOOL.

Anyway I know my friend will change his mind – I did threaten him just a few minutes ago and he said we’d talk tomorrow, lol – but nothing wrong with anonymous complaining, right?!