GiGi and MiniGi

KJ: Moogle, be a nice pet now and introduce GiGi to everyone while I go check the laundry.
Moogle: Ugh! No kupo you are NOT doing this, I REFUSE!
KJ: shush now, just do it *leaves*

Moogle: *sigh* fine… you asked for it…

People, please meet GiGi, KJ’s “stuffed” pet giraffe. *snickers*. KJ likes to sleep with and cuddle GiGi at night because he is so pathetically sad.

He even *chuckles* has a pet-toy for GiGi, called MiniGi, because GiGi is afraid of taking a bath alone in the washing machine *giggles*.

Little does KJ know that GiGi and MiniGi have perhaps taken their relationship a bit more than KJ would have ever wanted… as you can see from this candid shot, it seems that GiGi and MiniGi are too comfortable around each other.

Sorry KJ… better luck next time… strap on a pair and date a human being for once mihmihmih.