Be Concise! Be Concise! Be Concise!

This is what my literature professor at college used to tell us before our assignments.

But how can we be concise while writing a story! We have to portray a vivid world, of colors (or, uncolored), of different people, of scenes, of meadows and mountains and emotions and fingertips touching. A portrait of that lady in the background, sitting on the other table, sipping her fresh coffee and wiping her mouth with her napkin.

And we have to be concise! To choose our words, our descriptions, our metaphors, wisely. Stringing pieces of words to for a coherent sentence to be read as a poem.


It isn’t only in writing prose, no. Writing blogs, and commenting on them, is probably now one of the most frequent activities any person with access to the Sphere does in a day.

And I am a victim of not being concise! Even though I was trained to be, especially in the British school I spent my whole school years in!

But why do we write on and on and on and on… talk a lot but say very little?

Is it because we think too many words prove our point? Or is it because you feel like you haven’t said enough?

For me, personally, I feel I haven’t said enough! Even though I can reword a paragraph into three sentences, and make it more powerful.

I went back to my emails and saw an enormous, 1500 word email sent to one of the PMs in the company last year to explain a mishap. It is a good thing I summarized the whole essay in bullet points in the end, and I thought to myself, why haven’t I just emailed the bullet points?

It is because I felt I haven’t explained enough, which was not the case.

And I am still a victim of this, as you can see how much I have elaborated on the issue when I could have written only a couple of paragraphs on it!