Trees More Famous Than You Are!!

This isn’t a comprehensive list, but just a small selection of fascinating trees around the world!! Enjoy!! (titles are links)

The Tree That Owns Itself

Don’t you wish you had this privilege! This tree is the only tree that legally owns itself and everything within 8 feet. Talk about lucky!

The Prehistoric Tree

The Adansonia grandidieri is a peculiar looking tree native to Madagascar. It truly looks prehistoric and unlike any other tree you’d find. In the documentary Planet Earth, it is mentioned that this is possibly a surviving prehistoric tree. Interesting!

The Tree of Many Faces

The Tule Tree is a tree in Mexico with the widest trunk ever recorded – so wide that it was thought to be several trees clumped together. Turns out that not only is it one tree, but also it carves on itself some abstract curves up to interpretation. A tree of many faces indeed.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a gigantic tree in Bahrain that sits solitary in the middle of the desert. Its source of water is unknown to this date.

The Arbre du Tenere

One of the most famous trees worldwide, the Arbre du Tenere is also known as the most solitary tree on Earth, 400 KM away from the nearest tree.

As an extra gift, here is a wallpaper for the tree.