Moogle Thoughts Issue #5 – On Global Warming

I have managed to come up with the ultimate solution to Global Warming! But first let me alter KJ’s profile picture…



After LOTS of studying and CAREFUL RESEARCH I have come up with a list of solutions to global warming! But nothing beats the number one solution!!!! It is based on the “scientific” theories on global warming:
theory K - too much sunlight
theory U – big fat ozone hole
theory P – people make lots of bad gas
theory O – no one wants to pay

Kupo! As we can see, the main problem here is theory K. Because sunlight = heat and heat = ice melting = water up = humans drown = no more moogle infestation.

So after a lot of doodling, my proposal is as follows:

Yes, kupo, see, this is how things go.

As you can see from my illustration, sun goes in but not out. Light heats stupid planet, fries people, etc.

With the use of mirrors, we can REFLECT the light!

Yes yes.

We install mirrors on the top of buildings. We don’t have to put mirrors on EVERY building, around 20-25% per city will be good! Imagine! a 20% drop in temperature!!!

With the use of mirrors, we achieve the following:
M – less ultraviolet light!
I – less heat!
R – reflected light blinds incoming aliens!
R – reflected light makes our planet a STAR!!!
O – cost effective!
R – easy to clean!

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