KJ Status Update

KJ has been diagnosed with several illnesses all related to stress. For the past three weeks he has been suffering from constant headache, recurring nightmares, neck pain, stomach pain, back pain, and some fatigue.

Thankfully, one of his main stressors – work – has been partially resolved which alleviated most of the nightmares as well as the neck and back pain.

Another ethical issue he has been struggling with for two weeks has also been resolved, which reduced some of his obsessions. Unfortunately now he is more fatigued and has diarrhea as well as greatly reduced appetite.

We “pray” that his stress levels get significantly reduced so he can resume normal functionality. We forecast substantial improvement over the course of the next few days as Crisis Core nears release, where he shall be reunited with the world that made him be after 11 years of separation.

KJ is currently 48% operational, and is expected to resume normal functions within one week.

In the meantime, the “new management” shall be “reorganizing” and “redecorating” KJ’s blog.

KISSME Management