Family Secrets, Do Tell!

You have to be slapped to wake up to a fact you’ve been neglecting. I got one of those slaps when I found out, by accident, that my dad has diabetes.He has had it now for almost a year, and my family thought it best to hide it from me. They rationalized that it would add to my stress and I wouldn’t function properly.I’m confused at the moment so I will split the thing into two ideas.

Hide vs Tell

Not one family doesn’t have secrets but there should be some sort of rule regarding what to involve other family members in. I admit I am not at all fond of ridiculous family feuds. Given my long family history with two religions I stopped bothering about it and let them deal with it. I suffered it long enough and thought the best way to deal with this issue is not to be involved.
In October last year, my grandma took me to the side and told me a secret since I am “all grown up now”. It wasn’t the kind of secret you’d like to hear on a holiday but it certainly did affirm suspicions I have had.

But what DOES need to be told is when a family member is sick – especially a direct family member. I understand that my parents wanted to give me the illusion that everything is fine back home, but since my sister knows and I live with her then I don’t see why I shouldn’t know! Am I not entitled to know if my dad is sick?!

God knows what other sicknesses are infecting other family members!

What You Eat

I consider myself to be “at risk” – even though I’m slim and I process food quickly that doesn’t mean I am healthy. And that is why I started running – to unclog my arteries as well as to get rid of Dubai’s smog from my lungs.

My friend keeps telling me I am always eating crap. And I know I am, but I am not doing MUCH about it. Well right now all that changed!

Although I eliminated fast food from my life, I sort of got back into the habit recently but now I am getting back on track. I have at most one fast food meal per week – usually on Thursday as I rush out of office midday to reach class within an hour. I have cut my “processed sugar” intakes considerably. Considering I am a chocolate addict (not sugar) this was easy.. I just needed to replace Twix Biscuits with 85% cocoa Lindtt but I still do have some cravings (chocolate mousse or hot fudge). Need to learn a liking to fruits *dies*.

Moral of the story: Your family members are entitled to know some secrets – and family member’s health shouldn’t be kept a secret. If you’re an expat, you definitely know what I am talking about… the phone call at 4 AM!