Perfect Wintereenmas Gift!

Wintereenmas is a great and joyous occasion for us videogamers worldwide! It is a time of great celebration of videogames… from January 25-31st (although the whole month is Wintereenmas Season)… and what a great way to celebrate this occasion than to get a brand new handheld!

Yes ladies and gentlemen… my best friend got me a PSP! How incredible is that! I was so excited I literally drove the office nuts with the device… so much for work! Now I have something to entertain me during lunch breaks and before exercise!

I also got seven games with it (well, five, I bought the other two)! Enough to last me a century (and I still have 3 unplayed games on my PC and soon-to-purchase games on my X360).

This is THE game to play! (Hamza don’t be jealous now :P )

Didn’t play it through on the PS2, but now I definitely will!

Every old school gamer needs his Castlevania fix… and it’s Rondo of Blood too!

Although we’re on Final Fantasy XIII (13) now… this is the millionth remake of the first one to cash in more. Don’t expect something grand from a 20+ year old game.

Purely for collection – now I officially played all Final Fantasy games!

One of the best games released on the PSP… gotta be playing this after Valkyrie Profile

I really hate Mega Man, but Mega Man X was my favorite game on the SNES so I had to check out the remake.

Looks like the PSP doesn’t only play games… it has videos and music and photo sharing, as well as Internet! I instantly hooked it up to the net and browsed over to my blog. Cool, ain’t it?

Happy Wintereenmas everyone!
PS: Hamza please do not voodoo me… I am sorry your friends in KSA think Wintereenmas is bid3a and 7aram :P
PPS: Williams, I hope you get your DS Lite soon :P