Before the Final Note

My last journal entry for the year, I’ve written:

It has been five years now since we have met, in the most unlikely place in the world – the arts and crafts section of a bookstore. But now I understand why you were there. It took all these years to appreciate who you really are.

You listened to me as I spoke of my life. You stood by my side when people accused me of being a terrorist for praying, gay for hugging and naive fore looking for the best in people.

You listened as I ranted on my two crushes. You consoled me when my friends picked up and left or were giving me a hard time.

And now when I look back and browse through your pages, I find that our happy moments are few and far in between. I have been unkind to you when you have been selfless with me.

You have only a few precious pages left, but I will leave you now. I will take all the lessons you have taught me and become the man we both envisioned me to be. And I will come back and tell you about it, so that I finally get to thank you like I should and finally pay my due.

You will always be my favorite journal, and I will be missing you dearly… until the next time we meet.

Much love,

This was the most difficult entry I had to write, ever… I was at a complete loss of words, the pen was drying and my handwriting reflected my stress. But it was time to move on… to get a new fresh (seventh) book, and writing in it my days – better days – and leave all this darkness behind.

May 2008 be the new beginning for all of you as well :)