I Superglued My Fingers

Yes these things happen.. And to think I am a graduate student you’d think I am intelligent enough not to let this happen.

But here is the story.

Yesterday at 11 PM, of all times, I decided that I needed to reorganize part of my closet (specifically, the part that houses the bed sheets, bed covers and towels). So to my wonderful surprise, one of the shelves gave way and everything fell over. Of course this was orgasmic for me since I would have to reorganize that shelf as well :D

It looked like it gave way because one of the hooks that goes into the wood and holds the shelf was a bit loose around the wood. A little superglue would do the trick.

I went and got the superglue.

Then Stupid Moogle decided to give me a piece of advice:

“Kupo, it is hard to put the superglue around the hook. Why don’t you put a couple of drops on your fingers and then lather around the hook and inside the hole in the wood?”

Yes I know that last bit sounded perverted, which is probably why KJ thought is was a cool idea at 11 PM to do.

So here I go putting the superglue around my fingers, lathered the thing and quickly put it in the hole. It worked!

Then came the realization that my digits got glued together.

I frantically SMSed the other Kinan for help using my other hand and, through his infinite LOOOOLs, he advised I dip my fingers in some acetone. I went to my sister’s drawer (big mistake) and opened the nail polish remover bottle and poured all the contents over my hands.

It really was a stupid thing to do, but I was able to pry apart my digits. Then the acetone evaporated and made me all dizzy and my sister wondering what the hell happened. My skin dried with superglue all over it and then I though it best to just leave the skin replace itself.

Moral of the story: KJ is as stupid as Moogle at 11 PM.