Amazing Reviews for Bic Crystal Ballpoint Pen

Another title I never thought I would be writing.

It seems that there are a lot of other Moogles out there who review stuff, and by far some of the most hilarious reviews I have read in a long while go to the Bic Crystal Ballpoint Pen on Amazon (thanks to geeksaresexy for bringing it up).

Here are snippets of some reviews:

I was surprised when I started using it: it only could write at a resolution of 50 lines per page. I am sure others experienced in micrography can tweak the Bic Crystal to provide 100 lines per page, but this pen certainly is not high definition. If you want a true High Definition pen, I would suggest the Uniball 207 0.5 mm

All tests using this device as a stylus impressing Assyrian Standard Cuneiform Insignia Indentations (ASCII) on standard clay tablets were successful

When I was just beginning my journey across the great oceans and landed in California, this was the very pen I used to bribe the passport officials with

On the face of it this is a perfect product: economic, ergonomic, simple to use, and with an intuitive user interface. Advanced features of this product include:
- suitable for left- and right-handed people
- write in any font
- write in any language
- line art function
- hard to break nib

Because of the region differences, my imported pen will not work with region 1 8 1/2 x 11 inch letter-size paper – it only works on European (A4 and such) paper. Unfortunately the import duties on the pen itself cost quite a pretty penny, and I cannot afford to purchase appropriate-region paper to write on.

Go check the reviews now!