Should Dubai Be Child-Free?

Although I am sure this is present in most of the major cities worldwide, I think the difference in traffic is especially pronounced in Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman when the schools are off.
There is AT LEAST 70% reduction in traffic!I usually wake up at 6:20 AM to find that the roads below are almost completely blocked (in my old studio, located only 2 KM away, I had to wake up at 5 AM). I leave the apartment at 7-something AM, cross the road, take my car (this maneuver removes 40 minutes driving alone for the u-turn) and head for Dubai Bypass Road, which makes the distance between my apartment and my nearest office a whopping 110 KM. If I have to go to the other office it will be a good 130 KM.

The second shortest road is Emirates Road which makes the trip 60 KM. Now that it is six lanes instead of three, it holds more traffic, but unfortunately to be able to take that road I would have to be awake at 5 AM and leave 15 minutes before 6 AM.

The shortest road to my office, 30 KM, well… I think I have to be awake at 4 AM to get to the office and avoid traffic. So on normal days I have to drive 110 KM on average to work if I want to wake up in human hours and not reach the office at 5 AM.

Now that the schools are off, the roads in the UAE are significantly less congested. In fact there is so much LESS traffic that the road below my house starts to get clogged only after 9 AM, which is a solid 3 hour offset from the normal days. Although I still can’t take the 30 KM road (I can but I don’t want to because it is a 2 hour drive), I can now take the 60 KM one and reach in 30 minutes instead of 1.5-2 hours on a normal day.
So the conclusion? Get rid of the kids. Dubai isn’t really a place for children anyway. The pollution is horrible, the city is highly industrialized and I honestly don’t see how kids are able to have fun other than malls – and you can only have so much fun in a mall as a child.

If I manage to survive in this city for longer, I don’t know if I will be able to have kids here. Sure, business is great if you know where to find work, and Dubai caters for a lot of tastes when it comes to lifestyles and nightlife (but it has a tendency to make you more materialistic and lets you lose yourself but that’s for another post).

I am sure my wife and myself will have lots of fun (again, depending on where we live and our jobs of course). But I don’t see myself having kids here, not when they should start going to schools anyway.

If you’re a parent living in Dubai, Sharjah or any place with a similar issue, please share your experiences with me.

Oddball of a World vol.7 – On Your Boss, Squirrels, Cell Phones, Clean Thieves, Lipstick and Godzilla


According to studies, it appears that the only reason your boss gets promoted is because he/she/it makes your life miserable. No wonder behind every desk is either an asshole or a potential suicidal.


It seems a bit far fethced, but it looks like humans are not the only ones who would kill for a chocolate. Although this squirrel hasn’t killed anyone – yet – it gained notorious publicity for stealing Kinder from grocery shops at LEAST twice a day. Talk about a sweet tooth!


From now on ignore “turn off mobile” warning signs everywhere, as they have proved to be handy yet again in a hospital in Argentina, where doctors were able to carry out an operation during a blackout thanks to cellphone lights.


And you though I was a clean addict. This thief broke into a house, went straight to the toilet where he had sexual intercourse with cleaning detergents and the vacuum cleaner.


You love art, right? Try not to kiss a $2 million painting to show your affection – while wearing red lipstick.


Since Japanese politicians have perfected everything in their beloved country, it is now time to tackle the real issues. Flying saucers and how they fly and the imminent Godzilla rampage.

Amazing Reviews for Bic Crystal Ballpoint Pen

Another title I never thought I would be writing.

It seems that there are a lot of other Moogles out there who review stuff, and by far some of the most hilarious reviews I have read in a long while go to the Bic Crystal Ballpoint Pen on Amazon (thanks to geeksaresexy for bringing it up).

Here are snippets of some reviews:

I was surprised when I started using it: it only could write at a resolution of 50 lines per page. I am sure others experienced in micrography can tweak the Bic Crystal to provide 100 lines per page, but this pen certainly is not high definition. If you want a true High Definition pen, I would suggest the Uniball 207 0.5 mm

All tests using this device as a stylus impressing Assyrian Standard Cuneiform Insignia Indentations (ASCII) on standard clay tablets were successful

When I was just beginning my journey across the great oceans and landed in California, this was the very pen I used to bribe the passport officials with

On the face of it this is a perfect product: economic, ergonomic, simple to use, and with an intuitive user interface. Advanced features of this product include:
- suitable for left- and right-handed people
- write in any font
- write in any language
- line art function
- hard to break nib

Because of the region differences, my imported pen will not work with region 1 8 1/2 x 11 inch letter-size paper – it only works on European (A4 and such) paper. Unfortunately the import duties on the pen itself cost quite a pretty penny, and I cannot afford to purchase appropriate-region paper to write on.

Go check the reviews now!

Two Seashells

The lit moon, a topaz pendant in the sky.
And sparkled on the ocean below its dye.

The rising tide, swiftly addressed the shore.
And brought with it the currents from Amore.

The little seashell, carried away by time.
And sang a hollow melody out of rhyme.

The receptive shore, from home in distant lands.
And a sanctuary and grave in its sands.

The bigger seashell, slept sound in the sands’ womb.
And yet it was empty and felt like a tomb.

The Destiny’s threads, drawing two worlds by ends.
And a new future is weaved with cotton friends.

The two seashells, united under the warm carpet sky.
And together sang as the moon sparkled below its dye.

A topaz pendant
In the sky
Swiftly addressed
The shore.

Carried away by time from
Home in distant lands,
Slept sound in the
Sands’ womb.

Drawing two worlds by ends,
United under the warm carpet sky;

The lit moon,
The rising tide,
The little seashell,
The receptive shore,
The bigger seashell,
The Destiny’s threads.

The two seashells.

13 JUN 2005
live the illusion of memories or live in the forgotten?


Merriam-Webster Dictionary is w00t-ing

I don’t know if this is a good day or a sad day for the English language, but the fact remains that a l33t word has made it into – at least for now – the online Merriam-Webster dictionary as it has announced it is Word of the Year 2007. The word in question is w00t (with two zeros in case the font makes it look like the letter “o”). It now even has a wiki entry.

Here an excerpt of the news (the Gamespot version):

Popular gaming acronym w00t has been named as the dictionary-meister’s Word of the Year 2007. The word was chosen after the “vast majority” of visitors to its Web site voted for it.

However, this doesn’t mean that the word will necessarily make its way into the regular, printed edition of the dictionary, although the fact that it has been voted top dog online obviously gives its chances a boost.

The neologism “w00t” is written with two zeroes instead of o’s, much like other “l33t”-speak words, and is sometimes claimed to mean “We Owned the Other Team,” though it has come to be a general exclamation to express pleasure or success.

The official definition for w00t from Merriam-Webster is “expressing joy (it could be after a triumph, or for no reason at all); similar in use to the word ‘yay’.”

Next up we’d be having Engrish integrated as well.