End of Days

I sit in a 3×3 room; a Toshiba 60″ plasma hangs on the wall, beneath it is an IP Phone that proudly screams CISCO Systems. It is not blinking; there are no new messages.A big, round table made of birch wood is in the middle, surrounded by 4 gray chairs. The carpet is stained with spilled coffee, tea, and orange juice – the latter two of which I had contributed heavily to.

In the corner of the room is a steel dustbin. In it lies 6 empty bottles of Oasis water. The wall behind it is splattered with dry coffee and cappuccino. We missed the dustbin on several occasions.

The room is cold, almost freezing. There are 16 neon lamps in the room, arranged in 4 groups of 4. They are barricaded by steel dividers, just like the room is barricaded from the rest of the complex by a thick brown door with no handles.

It is now locked.

A half filled bottle of water is standing next to a half-drunk cup of tea. The tea is cold. Nothing survives for long in this room.

My laptop bag is to my left, on the floor, a few inches away from a big dry blot of coffee. The carpet is dark gray and stitched in blue. The bag is black, light and comfortable. It has a long strap with IBM engraved on it. Next to the laptop bag is a plastic bag that contains a Kellogg’s Nutri-Gain box. I like the apple flavor.

I look at the Google Desktop side bar, at the to-do list. They are all ticked. “Create so-and-so report”. Done. “Send email to X”. Done. “Get the IP of Server and send to X”. Done. “Configure the XML for This”. Done.

Done Done Done Done Done.

I look at my post-its.

Between the Fairuz songs, doodles, random numbers, random names, random words, the number of kilometers I ran, the calories of food I ate, tonight’s dinner, last week’s breakfast, the phone numbers and the fingerprints and the blots of ink and the drop of blood from the paper cut – between all these I find an un-ticked to-do item.

“Have your last cup of tea, take a moment, say goodbye”.

The tea is now cold.

Moments have come and gone… moments that add up to a year and a half. I have taken all the moments I could take in, in this room.

I had lunch here several times. Mostly Johnny Rockets.

I spilled all sorts of things.

I froze, I worked, I submitted, I corrected, I modified, I altered, I checked, I tested, I blogged, I chatted, I prayed.

All here, in moments past.

I have other offices… but this is the special office.

The office on my first day.

And now I am sitting here. No one else is in the complex. No one I care about anyway.

Today is the End of Days. Sunday is a new beginning.

Same work.
Same department.
Same people.
Different email.
Different account.

Different office.