Glued to LCD

Despite being told otherwise, I didn’t really believe I have a PC screen addiction. Specifically, LCD screen addiction. I mean, I DID go to Syria for a good solid week and I had no withdrawal symptoms at all.

I am exposed to the screen for the entire working hours (except lunch break). When I go back home, I have two LCD screens – my PC’s and the TV. I am not a TV junkie and I only watch TV while I am eating, but it happens I always eat when I come back from work so I am exposed there as well (plus I do watch Dr Phil and Oprah). When my sis is not on the PC I take over to download the emails locally and then play some secondary videogame (like Puzzle Quest) or edit some photos. My primary videogames are played on one weekend day only (which is great considering I have videogame addiction as well).

However, when I wake up at 6 AM and get dressed, I notice that while waiting for my sis to finish putting on 700 layers of clothes (please women why are your clothes layered) I often find myself subconsciously opening my email. Heck the other day I had a round of Puzzle Quest.

I mean seriously what is this? It is annoying… I got over my videogame addiction (from playing religiously every day to once a week) and I got over the waking-up-with-a-damn-song syndrome. And now THIS!!!

Even if I have NOTHING to do on the PC… I just end up right clicking and left clicking without aim for 5 minutes before I go off. This is just sad!

I bought a couple of books now to get my mind off… but I wish I can just lie there on the couch and sit and do NOTHING, or even just meditate like I used to, without thinking of what screen I would be looking at next.