First Print

Yesterday I have received the first print of something I have photographed, and it really made my day! Although I have taken a lot of photos I haven’t printed any.

I am not gonna give the motivation as to why I had this printed (other than it is a gift) because I worry the person would be reading this and I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise. Anyway, when I went to the Kodak shop and saw it, I was deeply touched. There I was standing in this Kodak shop and I was holding my work. It is like when you finally print your thesis paper or something.

Holding it really made me proud of myself. I was truly happy then, and it gave me a lot of motivation and will to print more of my stuff to hang around the house (imagine I don’t have photos hanging on the walls!). I even went the whole nine yards to get the photo framed – I left work early and had to hop-shop a lot of places before finally landing in IKEA where I found the perfect frame for it.

Seeing myself put my whole soul into this gave me the uplift I needed to move on.