Principles of Fun

People have been asking me about my personal re-invention plan I am going through (which I divided into three phases).

I would like to detail it but it would be impersonal and too boring – what works for me may not be applicable for you. With that in mind, I found that the simple and elegant flash animation I will link you to sums it up universally.

It is truly inspiring. Take it to heart and set out a plan to be what you really want to be.

Glued to LCD

Despite being told otherwise, I didn’t really believe I have a PC screen addiction. Specifically, LCD screen addiction. I mean, I DID go to Syria for a good solid week and I had no withdrawal symptoms at all.

I am exposed to the screen for the entire working hours (except lunch break). When I go back home, I have two LCD screens – my PC’s and the TV. I am not a TV junkie and I only watch TV while I am eating, but it happens I always eat when I come back from work so I am exposed there as well (plus I do watch Dr Phil and Oprah). When my sis is not on the PC I take over to download the emails locally and then play some secondary videogame (like Puzzle Quest) or edit some photos. My primary videogames are played on one weekend day only (which is great considering I have videogame addiction as well).

However, when I wake up at 6 AM and get dressed, I notice that while waiting for my sis to finish putting on 700 layers of clothes (please women why are your clothes layered) I often find myself subconsciously opening my email. Heck the other day I had a round of Puzzle Quest.

I mean seriously what is this? It is annoying… I got over my videogame addiction (from playing religiously every day to once a week) and I got over the waking-up-with-a-damn-song syndrome. And now THIS!!!

Even if I have NOTHING to do on the PC… I just end up right clicking and left clicking without aim for 5 minutes before I go off. This is just sad!

I bought a couple of books now to get my mind off… but I wish I can just lie there on the couch and sit and do NOTHING, or even just meditate like I used to, without thinking of what screen I would be looking at next.

First Print

Yesterday I have received the first print of something I have photographed, and it really made my day! Although I have taken a lot of photos I haven’t printed any.

I am not gonna give the motivation as to why I had this printed (other than it is a gift) because I worry the person would be reading this and I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise. Anyway, when I went to the Kodak shop and saw it, I was deeply touched. There I was standing in this Kodak shop and I was holding my work. It is like when you finally print your thesis paper or something.

Holding it really made me proud of myself. I was truly happy then, and it gave me a lot of motivation and will to print more of my stuff to hang around the house (imagine I don’t have photos hanging on the walls!). I even went the whole nine yards to get the photo framed – I left work early and had to hop-shop a lot of places before finally landing in IKEA where I found the perfect frame for it.

Seeing myself put my whole soul into this gave me the uplift I needed to move on.

Oddball of a World vol.5 – On Odd Men

Alright, since the previous Oddball hit a cord with the ladies, it is not time for REVENGE.

Yes you got that right, now is time for the Odd Men version… so ladies DON’T HOLD BACK!!! Make mincemeat out of us… this is your LEGITIMATE chance!

Click on the titles (they’re links if you are color blind so you may not see a diff in color)


You don’t like your family members and friends, so you devise a once-and-for-all solution. Invite them all to dinner, tricking them that you want to apologize, then blow them all up. Sweet.


Are you an uptight and conservative father? Is your daughter causing you trouble? Hire a private detective to check out her sexual endeavours… but beware, the results may not always please you…


Meat lovers beware: Men from abroad are now shipping sausages stuffed with various questionable objects. If your veal feels rubbery, maybe you should send it to the nearest lab.


Finally, after all your hard work, the police finally issue you your driving license. You are so excited to go pick it up that you steal a bus to drive there and get it.


A lot of men smell. We love our stench… we think it is manly and all this horrible peach and rose shower gels are for you women. But this man has taken pride in his natural smell a bit too far… so far in fact that the neighbors thought there is a corpse in the house and the police raided the fellow’s place, only to find out it is just his feet.


Remember the ladies in the previous oddball who preserved their dead family members in the house? Men do it too, it seems. This guy didn’t want to “disturb” his mama so he kept her in her armchair for a couple of years. Talk about mamma’s boy.

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Trip to Syria pt 2 – Sightseeing!

My photoblog is ready but just needs a little brushing up, therefore I thought it best not to postpone this post here and I would be posting some other photos on my photoblog once it is read (should be done in these two days – I just need to edit the header now that my hair has grown back :D )

Alright, anyway, on to the important stuff. I stayed in Syria for 5 days only. I spent the morning and the late nights with granny, and the rest of the day I was out with my best friend, his fiance and all of the rest of the gang… well, not all of them since most of them were out of town. I will post on my best friend later as part 3 of this trip.

I went one day to Safita, my village. I called up Abu Fares and said hi, but apologized for not being able to make it to Tartous which is incredibly close to Safita (and on a clear sky is visible from the Safatly mountains). The other Kinan was also there, and he SMSed me that it was raining. At that time I was under the rain taking photos on my way out of the village. I was only going to Safita for 3/4th of a day and I had to spend it seeing my family there. I saw dad’s side of the family (mom’s side is in Damascus). They were all nice and jolly as usual, which is what I like about brief trips. Staying there for prolonged periods inevitably surfaces many pending family issues, so it was a great idea just to make a brief visit and enjoy the moment.

My grandpa’s health has improved. He has been suffering with some issues in his hands, which made him very sad because it made him stop his job, what he likes doing best – his blacksmith business. Yup, my grandpa is a blacksmith! He has been hitting with the hammer since he was a kid. He’s a pretty strong man ;) Funnily, at the age of 90, he still didn’t stop smoking. He has been smoking for 80 years, he makes and wraps his own cigs. I told him several times to stop smoking but there is little you can do to convince a 90 year old to stop an 80 year old habit.

Back in Damascus, I spent half a day at the Ancient City itself, which was a bit sad because I had little time to take photos and enjoy the place (I usually spend most of my summer holidays there). I didn’t even go inside the Umayyad Mosque to take photos. In fact I didn’t take any proper photos of places, because I didn’t bring my tripod with me and because most of the landscapes I wanted to shoot were now occupied by the military (and my dad is paranoid so I didn’t take a risk).