On Moogle Thoughts 1

Every other Monday, I will try my very best to bring you Moogle Thoughts, thoughts of the fluffy thing inside my head – the stupid idiot of a kid/rabbit bunny thing that lives with the supposedly-serious KJ.

I am gonna also schedule Oddball of a World on the Mondays where Moogle Thoughts won’t be. So you get two editions of each per month! Stay tuned!

Moogle: These glasses are so nice kupo! Look at the red!
KJ: What? Red? You MUST be joking!
Moogle: Kupo come onnnn they are amaaaaazing! Plus they are black from the outside so no one will see the red.
KJ: Yeah true, they are stylish.. but..
Moogle: I must have them I must have them!
KJ: Shut up you stupid fluffy thing, no one sees you, I am gonna get all the shit out of this.
Moogle: You’re so boring.
KJ: You’re an idiot.
Moogle: But kupo! If you wear this, it is like wearing Ferrari for the eyes!
KJ: You don’t WEAR a Ferrarri you oaf.
Moogle: But it’s red! I am sure it has some sort of special superpowers.
KJ: You don’t say.
Moogle: I bet you can drive your mom nuts with it.
KJ: Let me see. Mom, what do you think of this?


Moogle: See I told you it has superpowers.
KJ: Gay superpowers.
Moogle: Fine, live with your dorky glasses.
KJ: Enough of you.

Moogle: Kupo?
KJ: What now.
Moogle: I want a Hello Kitty.
KJ: ?!!?
Moogle: Kupo! I have to live with you cuddling a stupid teddy giraffe. I DESERVE a Hello Kitty!
KJ: But it’s for women. What the hell is wrong with you.
Moogle: It is fluffy.
KJ: Yes and?
Moogle: Kupo!
KJ: You are NOT humping a kitty you stupid rabbit. Enough of you.
Moogle: Come on! I EARNED it!
KJ: OMG you drive me nuts. I said enough! No kitties for you.
Moogle: What about your mom’s orange shirt she bought you?
KJ: I returned it.
Moogle: Does she know?
KJ: No.
Moogle: It goes well with the red glasses.
KJ: Get out of my head.

Moogle: I think you should take the Armani.
KJ: Why?
Moogle: Cuz it is amazing!
KJ: What ISN’T amazing for you.
Moogle: I hate you.
KJ: Mutual feeling.
Moogle: Come on it is nice look at it!
KJ: I am looking. But I don’t like the writing.
Moogle: It is just a shirt!
KJ: With Armani on it?! Please get a life.
Moogle: You’d join the presitigous and elite group of fashion wearers.
KJ: With you? Please. Besides, it is for 60 dhs. Made in China.
Moogle: So?
KJ: I am not that desperate. I can buy a stack of DVDs for 60 dhs.
Moogle: You and your DVDs! I am sick of them. It isn’t like you watch them.
KJ: HEY! I had to watch Planet Earth so you can see your stupid friends.
Moogle: You watched it to find me a habitat.
KJ: That too.
Moogle: And?
KJ: It isn’t Planet LaLa.
Moogle: Your mom is holding a Dolce and Gabbana bag.
KJ: I am gonna go broke.
Moogle: Well she IS your mom!
KJ: Stop playing the guilt game, you know I hate it.
Moogle: Then why didn’t you get rid of me yet kupo?!
KJ: *mumbles*

Moogle: Why are you reading about tides on Wiki?
KJ: I have nothing better to do.
Moogle: You believe all this kupo?
KJ: It is science.
Moogle: Yes so you are telling ME that the SUN is levitating the ocean.
KJ: The moon and the sun.
Moogle: So you mean gravity affects water?
KJ: Yup. Seems so.
Moogle: But you’re 70% water.
KJ: And?
Moogle: Why don’t you float?
KJ: sigh.