Not For Your Brains

[and I don’t know why it is a big deal]

For the whole of the weekend I tried to create different things for my 100th post. And I really went out there! First off, I was doing a flash animation where little bulbi fell from the sky and filled up “containers” that spelled “100”, and then at the end, Moogle would drop on them and cause a mess. I then scratched the idea while working on it because it turned up to be time consuming and it wasn’t shaping up to what I have envisioned.

Next up, I thought of doing a comic myself. I mean, I HAVE done it before. I thought first I’d draw it on paper, then scan it and convert it to vectors and continue from there. But I don’t have a scanner, but I do have a cam. So I did that but it turned out to be hideous and not up to what I had imagined either. The comic was supposed to display a big bulbus being worshiped by little bulbi. In the first pane, the big bulbus will be on, in the next pane it will be off, with the little bulbi saying “awwwwwwwwww”. Then it turns on again, and they say “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”, and then it turns off. In the last pane it shows Moogle trying valiantly to turn on the power supply to the Xbox cable.

But then while I was reading some comics I have for further inspiration, I came across the above image, and I thought, PERFECT!

Although I promised not to bore you with stats, I thought it will be interesting to know that the major keywords that lead to my blog are:

300 the movie
die hard 4.0 operating system (seriously?)
masturbate with me (no comment)
sex with boss in dubai (fascinating)
i forgot to add olive oil on my pasta for 15 minutes help
drink my cum bitch from jar (Allahumma enni sa2em)