Elphie the Abomination

OK I have to admit that this is the very first time I ever paint using brushes and pastes. I have never painted before on cloth or any other material, let alone ceramic.

The only thing I did was draw and color in pencils but my skills were lost after grade 6.

As an attempt to revive my artistic attributes, I joined deviantART and I have attempted in my account there to draw digitally. Failing miserably, I switched to photography.

Of course, all of this does not justify what I have done to the poor ceramic elephant. I wanted to make a royal Indian type of war elephant. Unfortunately, little did I know that the intricate details I sketched in pencil do not translate at all in pastes, brushes and ceramics.

However I have to say I enjoyed all three hours in creating this monstrosity. I learned different types of strokes, how to coat and how to make special effects, which I notoriously used to give this thing skin cancer.

So please say hello to my war-elephant-with-skin-cancer-abomination thing, Elphie (thanks to KI for the name).

You are allowed to use Elphie to promote skin cancer awareness as long as you link back here ;)

So without further ado…