Sarah Looked Hot All Wet part 1

One of the many often lovely yet disturbing facts about NY is that the weather changes several times in a single day. What starts off as a sunny day with brilliant sunshine changes into a depressing thunderstorm followed by a tornado warning and then back to sunny, some fog, then it clears, followed by another thunderstorm, then it clears.

Of course all this happens in 2 hours.

Not having a template of clothes to wear for a given weather, NYans simply wear whatever they feel comfortable with (men going out shirtless or women out with only bras is perfectly fine) and they just deal with the weather as it comes.

I was completely bedazzled by the very phenomenon that weather actually CHANGES. Having lived in KSA for a considerable period of my childhood, I only grew up knowing the following four seasons: Hot Humid Summer, Hot Summer, Cool Summer, Cool Humid Summer. The idea that I can witness all icons of the weather channel in one day was not something my brain found logical (keep in mind of course my brain functions on its own set of logic that has nothing to do with actual logic).

Sarah and I (yes yes I was her boy toy get over it) went to a general store one day to grab a gift for my sister after she had her operation. The store was several blocks away from our house (omg, did I just say OUR house?) and there were many churches and Burger Kings in between. We always went to places with said outlets because, if we needed sanctuary, we would head for a church (remember this is pre-Dan Brown) and if we were ever hungry (which we always were) there would be a good junk food place to eat.

As a side note, I always found it interesting that I always ordered two Big King sandwiches and a Hershey’s Pie. In the US though the Big King is as big as a Big Mac so unroll your tongue and snap back your jaw.

Anyway, when we entered the store it was PERFECTLY sunny and there was NO POSSIBLE way of it being otherwise. We emerged from the store because it had to close at 6 PM. And it was raining. Pretty hard. Big fat blots of water, more like arrows, piercing everything on earth. I swear I was so worried to step outside and have my head decapitated by water.

I could already see the headlines: Juvenile Shot to Death by Water Bullets: God Pleads Not Guilty

The store would not allow us back in, and, in some miraculous feat I still have to understand, everyone in the store just vanished, despite the fact there was only one main door. Everyone in the store dematerialized, the lights went off, and Sarah, myself, and a stupid gift stood out beneath some ridiculous hood waiting for the rain to end.

But it didn’t. In fact, it only got worse, but maybe that was because it also got darker, and, as with everything when it is dark, things seem more sinister.

Stupid human psychology.

We grabbed our bikes, took a deep breath, and pedaled out into the waterfire.

It was warfare. I felt like a soldier in the frontlines. I felt like Neo in the 3rd Matrix movie during the final fight with the agent (of course I did not know of Neo in 1997). There was water everywhere. I worried the streets would be clogged with water; I anticipated people fleeing, others crawling out of their floating cars; I expected an enormous wave to just topple everything and I would drown, and be eaten by Flipper.

My sister was not worth all this.

Don’t tell her – she will ruin my Xbox. She is going insane with me having 4 different consoles corded up to the TV.

But it was anything but all that.

It was the most brilliant experience I ever had. In the wild anyway. Well not the wild, but I mean something to do with nature. Ok even better when I didn’t pee for 36 hours on a field trip then let it all go. Well, almost like that.

I could go on forever describing how amazing it was. I will in my next post.

So wait for part two :D