Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean 3

The premier was over and done with, unlike when I went to watch Spiderman 3. I went alone to watch the movie – after having devoured what was hands-down the best lunch I had since mom’s wara2 3enab (stuffed grape leaves) last year. Nothing beats a perfectly done Chicken Spinoccoli from Pizzeria UNO.

Like many fans, I had too high an anticipation for the movie. The trailers and teasers bugged me to the fullest as the release date drew near.

Was the movie worth it though? Was it worth all the wait, all the anticipation, all the excitement, and the talk and gossip?To be honest and frank, yes and no.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Yes because, once again, we are taken on a great journey across the seas. Who doesn’t love pirates? Who doesn’t love their myths and legends and codes and attire? And their language? I can hardly think of someone who never thought of dressing up as a pirate when they were kids.

The movie was great, in many aspects. Depp did a superb job in acting. There was a lot of humor, a lot of nonsensical, interesting twists to the plot. Lots of pretty special effects, a really stunning ship-on-ship battle in a swirling maelstrom near the end of the movie.Not to mention of course all the attention paid to makeup, clothing, accessories, high production values, and a really good dialogue to go with (although I will be surprised if pirates spoke that well an English).

The downside?

It faced a lot of what other trilogies faced before: The first movie brings forth the novel, first idea and experience. The second movie takes it many steps further by enhancing everything that can be enhanced and delivering an exceptional (but familiar) experience. The third movie lacks the charm of the first and the grandeur of the second, but rather just slightly extends the experience and often leaves a lot to be desired, especially after the second movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Anyone who watched The Matrix would probably agree – the first movie was completely novel and redefined the industry. The second movie was brilliant, but, by the third, people lost interest (regardless of whether or not the divulged in the philosophy or religion of it), everything became predictable (especially if you divulged in philosophy and religion) and people watched it just for the sake of it.

Even Lord of the Rings suffered such a fate, although not fully since the actual novel climaxed at Helm’s Deep and the third book had a second and predictable climax, so it is excusable.

My main gripe about Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is that it had a lot to live up to after the first two movies, that it failed to deliver all or most of the expectations. While Depp’s acting was excellent, it was not as good as the second movie. The third concentrated on all the other characters, which is good, but, people want Jack Sparrow, and in that regard, it didn’t deliver what was expected (especially for a 3 hour movie). There were also some gaps in the rather convoluted plot, but they’re probably due to not updating yourself with the story from the beginning, but still, all three movies could be regarded as three separate overall stories with the characters serving as the link.The movie also failed to deliver a sense of the grandeur that was expected from the trailer. Admittedly, a couple of concepts were brilliantly novel (but I won’t spoil them here), and, like I said, the vortex battle was well choreographed. However, I expected something more out of the “thing that caused the vortex” (see, I told you no spoilers), since a good chuck of the movie focused on bringing that thing back, the outcome of only a vortex being created was disappointing.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3

At the end of the day, though, the movie was very enjoyable regardless of its shortcomings, just don’t have much high of an expectations for it and you will not be disappointed. And do yourself a favor and update yourself on the events and characters of the first two movies. The third movie is catered for those who know the history, otherwise you would just feel that everything is going arbitrary and without cause (although in a couple of spots this is the case).