Pleasure Me Baby

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So now I have to list TWENTY FRIGGIN THINGS that pleasure me! Sigh. Thankfully I have a lot of things to list, so, keep tagging :P

1 – The burning sensation you get when you pee. Most awesome feeling, and it lasts much longer than the event before it :P

2 – Shitting in less than 10 seconds. Although I usually shit in that range, however, if I break the 10-second barrier, I just feel this sudden emptiness and my bowels try to adjust to fill the void. THAT is the awesome part.

3 – Leveling up your characters (in any RPG) to level 100. It is like raising a child – for 60 hours.

4 – The “Mario Moment”: Defeating the final boss (or any punishing boss fight). No one ever forgets the satisfaction of plunging good old Bowser into the lava pit.

5 – Sneezing. The head rush that ensues is nothing short of phenomenal. My brain feels “bubbly”.

6 – Although I stopped shisha, I can’t deny the intense pleasure I had when I take the first sip.

7 – Smelling laundry. Yes, I can get as pathetic as the people in the Tide and Omo ads.

8 – Opening dA and seeing people add some of my work to their favorite. Vanity at its best!

9 – Driving. The traffic doesn’t bother me (much) as I spend most of my driving time in LaLa Land.

10 – Making other people happy. It just makes me joyous beyond the beyond.

11 – Turning off the work laptop, especially when I am expecting an email. LoL.

12 – Changing myself, which is a recent trend I am following to make the most out of the working life in Dubai.

13 – Installing a game. I am dead serious. It is as exciting as playing the game itself (geek me away, I don’t care!)

14 – Getting to the final chapter of a book. It is similar to leveling up your characters to level 100.

15 – Wiki. Allow me to call it the iPod of the Internet (along with blogging). I can get lost reading about myths and legends of long lost civilizations and moogles.

16 – Being called a moogle, and acting as one. It is the most absurd and funniest thing I do, kupo!

17 – Meeting people who just have a strong impact on your life, that even if the meeting lasts a day, your whole world changed (now a-mok may understand why I said what I said on MSN!)

18 – During stressful times, I come up with an astronomically creative idea which brightens up the whole day (KI had more than the lion’s share of listening to the over on gtalk!)

19 – Clipping my nails. I know it is feminine, but seriously, I feel that all my week’s filth has just gone away (see number 1 for possible filth explanation)

20 – Running around naked and peeing. I did it only once but it was totally awesome.

But hey, I am 22 years old, so I will add two more things :P

21 – Sound of the sea/ocean waves. I will offer myself to slavery if you promise I get to spend an hour on the beach, alone, feet in the wet sand, eyes shut, listening to the waves.

And finally

drum rolls please


22 – Knowing you all ;)

(cuz you love me, I know you do, admit it)

I tag an ostrich, a llama and a prehistoric moogle.