Oddball of a World vol.1

Humans are sadistic creatures. Face it, you can’t help yourself not laugh when someone else trips over, falls to the ground and dives face first into a pile of pies. We love stupidity, even if we hate stupid people. Without stupidity, we won’t feel smart.

I will bring you every now and then some really odd, if stupid, things that happen around the world.

And of course I will add my own comments :P

Let’s roll!!

Panda Dies of Heart Attack
I understand that this is not funny at all, but the funny fact is that a panda makes world news. True, they are endangered species (gee I wonder why!) and granted they are all fluffy and stuff, but it is just amusing that a panda is able to sway people’s hearts when everything else in the world fails.

Thief Raids Homes to Sleep in Them
Now why would you do that? I mean, you carefully plan for days to break into a house… so you can SLEEP in it? Might as well steal some items, sell them, and then accumulate enough to buy your own house!

Teacher Throws Crap at Student
Now wouldn’t you love this. You’re a teacher, and a student pisses you off. What do you do? Bring in some dung and throw it at them! Next to-be-crapped-upon: Boss

Groom’s Brother Marries Bride
You go to your own wedding only to find that your brother is marrying your bride. AND everyone is ok with it!

Worker Beheaded for not Milking
You work in a farm. One of your employees forgot to milk the cow. What do you do? Off with this head!

Your thought?!