Genesis of Zero

I was born from the egg, and, being coming from an egg, I was shaped like one. But then man came, and said unto me:

“thou art not fit to be an egg. thou shalt be round, and round thou shalt be, and from whence u came thou shalt forget, and hither shalt thou be, all round and, uh, round”

And so I became round, until I was confused with a roman letter O, and, then, a Roman emperor came and said:

“you confuse us, foul number, with a letter O, and from here on, thou shalt be marked”

And I was marked with a stroke, forever scarred.

But then came a tribe from Eastern Europe, and said

“your scar led our people astray, for we have a letter O with a stroke, as well as one with a crown. Thou shalt be unstroked, but thou shalt be made thinner, for us to ensure the safety of our O”

And thin I have become… deprived of all the glory I had once had.

Abused for generations by men, I vowed revenge, and said unto man

“I am the great zero. Thou hath abused me, and I for long stayed silent. But now I exact my revenge unto thee, and thou shalt no longer be able to divide by me. For if you do, thine division will yield infinity, and infinity thou can’t grasp”.

And so man became forever confused, forever abused, and fear me, the great zero… for generations, they tried to understand infinity, and time, and space, but can’t… for I am the great zero, indivisible… and now I rule their science, their machines, and their currency… from an egg I came.. And to an egg I shall return… a full circle of life, and death, a full circle, a zero I am, and a zero I shall forever be.

The First Cry of Freedom

Yesterday night I was among the honored who attended a late night show of Mansour Rahbani’s Zenobia. The event took place a little far in the desert, in an under construction area called Dubai Studio City. The air was cool and crisp, gently dancing with over 2000 torches that lit the road that connects the outside world to the stage. A crescent moon slowly faded into the distant city lights as we were submerged in darkness, with the only light being from the stage and an unusually bright 10 PM sky.

A woman’s robotic voice announced to the attendees in the course of 20 minutes that the show would start in a few moments. Many, many moments later, the show started, the delay being explained without words as a Sheikh walked in with his wafd and took a seat amongst the crowd, after photos and hand shaking.

Strangely, there was no anthem. But I can’t blame them. It is a Lebanese play on Syrian history acted on a UAE stage. There was no need for anthems.

Drums, trumpets, lights, fog, and 3 hours passed away without anyone noticing. We were all mesmerized by the play. Perfect execution, well-written script… my god, the script… the most powerful words were spoken on that stage that night. You could not know if it was a tragedy play, or a comedy, or a musical, or a dance… it was all yet not one exclusively. I have never attending anything like it.

And yes… they did make fun of Hayfa Wahbe, the Arab leaders, Rome, politics, money, and camels (figuratively).

At 1:30 AM in the morning I lay in my bed, happy that Syria was honored with such a queen. And the final words that were spoken on that stage would remain in my head forever.

“I am the first cry of freedom,
the first cry from an Arabian land.
I am to give my blood for freedom.” – Zenobia

Ridiculous Quotes Collection

I have a dream.
Well of course you do. Everyone has a dream. I have several dreams per night.

This is the defining moment of our lives.
And who the hell are you to tell us what is the defining moment of your life?

I think, therefore I am.
Yes, you are…?

Safe sex.
As long as you are not doing it bungee jumping into an erupting volcano, the possibility of you being injured during sex is minimal.

Be nice to your kids. They’ll choose your nursing home.
Not if you send them to their asylum first.

Diplomacy is the art of saying ‘Nice doggie!’… till you can find a rock.
And what is democracy then?

2 + 2 = 5 for extremely large values of 2.
Which “2” are we talking about? If both then it is equal to 6

Try to be the person your dog thinks you are.
So you want me to be a diplomat?

Life is nothing like the brochure.
Probably written my a pathological depressive suicidal

True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.
And now that you know that, you are ignorant.