How to Surf at Your House

We all like to surf right? Just seeing those hot hunks and bouncing breasted women surf on Baywatch is enough to make us jealous to the point of suicide. But here in the UAE the waves are not strong enough for surfing in the true surfing form, and probably if you live anywhere inland, the only surfing you will be seeing is on Baywatch.

So this little upset fella came up with the idea of bringing the surf to your house, simple because you can’t go to the ocean to surf. How? Simple, have a giant washing machine that is always on spin, and you place yourself inside. Yup, that’s right – but let us see, probably you need a garden or a large basement for this to place. And it also assumes you are well balanced – otherwise you may end up spinning in this thing until your mom comes and turns the thing of (after you give her instructions of course whilst spinning) or until you are eventually thrown off into the wall of your basement or the fence between you and the neighbors.

Pretty smart, I say. Baywatch is safer.

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