The New Bulbus Abrainus

I am going to stick with this template for a while, but I will of course keep enhancing it with stuff. I already replaced little things like “comments” with “bulbi” and “says” with “mumbles” and stuff like that.

And did you see those links above! They are nifty aren’t they! I also modified the images on the right (you need to scroll down a little bit to see them).

And, finally, after a very long procrastination I mustered up all the required energy to come up with a look for my infamous Bulbus Abrainus. Yup, that’s right, this is what a Bulbus Abrainus looks like. That thing that is supposed to be a medulla is the bulb screw, but I guess you’re probably too intelligent to point that out to you :P

Now should I change “Jar of Juice” to “Bulbus Abrainus”? I will keep the link as jarofjuice, but I am talking about the blog title.