How To Explode

We all have our moments when we feel that our skins can no longer contain our insides. Yes it can happen after a Montery Chicken meal from Chilis but that is not what I am talking about now. Or you can add that to the end of the list. Don’t forget to give me your top 5 or top 10 things that make you explode!

So here are 10 different ways to

  • Watch Rachel Ray.
  • Go to a store and ask for a refund.
  • Listen to any Britney Spears song.
  • Wait for Windows to start/reboot.
  • Find a “site under maintainance” page.
  • Have your car die at the top of a two-laned bridge.
  • Anticipate a route to be free and find out it isn’t.
  • Smash a bulbus abrainus.