And Now It Says I Put It Here…

A few days ago two children in third grade were arrested in one of the schools as they were having sex. Yes, that’s right, third graders are having sex.

I once watched the Oprah show and there was an episode about children having oral sex in school buses, and the driver did nothing to stop them but perhaps was even entertained. I didn’t expect these things would happen in the Arab world, much less the UAE.

But I mean, seriously, how much DO kids know about sex? Probably all the new porn-like music videos, shows and movies do all the brainwashing, not to mention the forever guilty Internet and the sorrowful parents.

But regardless of all that, just HOW are those kids having it? Did they like have an instruction manual?

“So yeah Sarah it says here that I am to my peepee in this place. Can you find it for me?”
“Well gee, I don’t know, I never saw that before. Let’s search for it together.”
“Oh Sarah, yours is so different! I don’t know I am scared!”
“Gee, are you sure you brought the right manual?”
“Yeah I am. I dont know what to do.”
“Ok let’s skip this part.”
“Ok… so then it says I need to take my peepee out again and put it back in.”
“What? How silly! What is the whole point?”
“I don’t know. It says after a while I will feel a rush and I will make milk.”
“But I hate milk.”
“Yeah me too. So do you wanna try it?”
“Well I don’t know it seems like you’re the one who will be having all the fun. It doesn’t say anything about me making milk.”
“Ok let’s just try it and find out.”
“Ok sure.”
“So I’m going to see you naked?”
“I know! It is so scary! Last time I was naked it was with dad!”

I know for a fact that children begin fumbling with themselves at the age when they are consciously aware that they have controllable hands and fingers.

I’m upset because I discovered I can consciously control my hands when I was 17.