Total Oblivion

As a lot of you know, the infinitely stupid Etisalat has blocked deviantART and myself, along with a million other UAE members, are upset at the stupidity the ISP has reached. While it is completely accessible from work (since it is free zone area), not being able to browse from home renders the weekend useless :P

Anyway that stupidity aside, now that I finally got a new desktop I got to install the wonderful game of Oblivion. It is probably has the best graphics for a PC game to date (although this is about to change now that the next-gen graphics cards and games are out), and a mere look at the screenshot below would speak for itself. Try to imagine this world in motion, with rain and snow and hail even! Good grief. It plays realistically as well – you can’t pick up just any item you see or it will be considered theft. You WILL be jailed and pay a fine, and if you resist you gotta fight the guards and stuff. It is unbelievable and big since the whole thing is just open to you to explore from the get-go.

Those aside, my visa is finally out, so I would probably be trying to get my hands on this

Pray for me :D

Cultural Upgrade

The other day I was engaged in some conversations about what “typical traditional Arabs” do with their lives and how they treat each other.I heard several stories about some families here in the UAE that have put an end to the lives of some of their children simply because “shame” has been brought into the family in the form of sex or drinking. A very well known UAE family has killed off one of their male children because he has been drinking, and this has brought shame to the family.

There are many similar stories, but most of them involve sex. For example, many families in Jordan, Syria and Palestine are ready to kill their daughters if they had sex. While understandably it is a big issue, my main point is that why are the families selfish enough that they would cheapen the price tag on their daughters to the extent that they would kill them for having sex?

Personally I think that families should accept the responsibility of having such a son or daughter and try to solve the issue internally and publicly. Simply killing the person in question off would not alleviate the shame, in my opinion, simply because the act is already done and the issue can be solved in a marriage cover-up.

I am not saying that I support all the sex and drinking in the universe, but things DO happen, accidentally or otherwise, and if the solution is killing off people, there wouldn’t really be a lot of people left in the world. Plus, it really is not to the family’s credit to kill of people for misbehaving.

So what do you think?