Smokey Smokerson

I was reading a news article today and a study case about second-hand smoking, and it turned out that it can be in fact more dangerous than first hand smoking!

Apparently, when a cigarrette is lit, the fumes produced contain about some 200 chemicals – only 20% of which are inhaled by the smoker and the rest probably by everyone else in the room. Yup, that’s us non-smokers.

Some of the chemicals contained in the fumes include:
Carbon monoxide (found in car exhausts)
Arsenic (rat poison)
Ammonia (window cleaner)
Acetone (nail polisher)
Hydrogen cyanide (gas chamber poison)
Napthaline (your grandma’s mothballs)
Sulphur (math stick – yellow flames)
Formaldehyde (embalming fluid)
Butane (lighter liquid)

And I thought I was healthy!

Things About to Change

Well first of all, for some reason I got fed up with capitalizing the first letter of every word in the title of journals here or on dA. I dunno why I just keep capitalizing them.Anyway, after a recent survey done by my cousin KI, I got some feedback about some things in life that need improvement (my survey to him is still pending :P). So the first and easiest thing (supposedly) to implement is spending the majority of the weekends outside the house and not in, as usual. Although UAEans would sympathize with me, KI does have a point, with all the wasted time (4-6 hours a day) driving a total of 130 kilometers per day, I might as well spend the other portion of the time doing something useful.

So basically I have divided the days of the week. On SUN, TUES, THUR I will spend them on videogames. I will also allocate 1 hour before sleep to reading, since reading does tend to get me sleepy it is a perfect way to spend the last hour of the day.

Now I do not want to fall into a routine, so I will be shuffling and mixing up activities. Since eventually I end up having at least 3 hours by the time I get back home till I start losing all energy, I can do whatever to fill in those 3 hours. I can perhaps even make a very nice gourmet complete with entre and dessert, so that I can enjoy quality time at home and not convert into the hotel it already is.

In other news, my laptop is finally drawing its final breaths. I realized that the total number of days it was OFF in the past 4 years was around 30-40, which means that the laptop literally was under a survival test. I am getting a new desktop, soon, and I am already fishing for good prices.

New is good, not always, but usually is, and I am looking forward to a better life-management.

Attention Seeking Syndrome

Having an Attention Seeking Syndrome (ASS) often puts you in very difficult situations. Whether you have an ASS or you have friend with an ASS, it will require you spending most of your concentraion and energy on the ASS.

Having a big ASS problem myself, and having a couple of friends with an advanced ASS, it is safe to say that it causes deep depression since no one pays attention to the ASS. The ASS has become an integral part of eveyone’s life, and although some people do pay a lot of attention to those with an ASS, often it never is enough, as the larger the ASS is the more there is demand for attention.

So do you have an ASS, or a friend with an ASS? How big is your or your friend’s ASS?

Trip to a Palace

I spent the weekend in Abu Dhabi. It was amazing and certainly refreshing from the rushing Dubai.

The fact that there is no traffic (largely thanks to the grid-like roads) is enough by itself. Best part is that it is almost an island, so it is surrounded by water. The weather was wonderful and I had a blast of a time. I absolutely love the smell of the sea salt. It is refreshing and I can literally live in all my life in a little tent on the beach.

The people there are also nice, much nicer than those in Dubai, and most certainly are in a class of their own. Not having the majority of citizen as expats does help in preserving the culture, and it shows how this quite city is certainly the best choice to live in.

I got a panorama shot of Emirates Palace, but unfortunately when developed it didn’t turn out as I had expected (it was too dark for my tastes) but when I go there next time I will make sure to be prepared and bring a tripod =p

Next week I may be off to another Emirate – if I have the cash to do so. Hehe.

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trip to Abu Dhabi

I can’t get enough of swings.

little fella’s eaten our breakfast

my and my best friend outside Emirate Palace

one of the main entrances to the palace courtyards

at the stairs of the palace

the palace