Total Absurdity I

I decided for this blog entry to feature some totally ABSURD things in the universe, and there are a lot more to come (hence the number “I” in the subject). We all need some laughs and the world is really dumb enough to provide us with all the laughter.

Yes – this is what stress and boredom do to you at work. But nevertheless! You gotta be creative to find ways to have fun.

Firs off is, a totally absurd site that lets you put on make up in real time. You simply pick a face, some hair style, and you do the complete make up for your little virtual Barbie. What is the purpose? Absolutely nothing. It isn’t a game where you earn points. It isn’t even a contrst. It is simply as absurd as it sounds – you put on make up in your virtual world, and, satisfied, you close the window. I ONLY recommend this is if you are completely new to makeup and would want to know what the different combinations of lipstick, eye shadow and plusher would work best.

Next up, we have the now-infamous Dead or Alive Xtreme 2. If you dared to click to see the wonderfully bouncy women, then you gotta view the trailer to really know what the fuss is about. The hair on their head looks like it is pasted on – and yet the breasts probably have more polygons than the rest of the game. Especially profound is the amount of juggling the breasts do – they defy all laws of physics, and the slightest movements generate earthquakes in the women’s volumptuous breasts. Go on, watch the trailer if you dare – if you get through one minute you would be rendered a hero.

Finally, what the hell is up with the Toilet Snorkel? It looks like someone is just obsessed with smelly things – who the hell would wanna breathe air from the toilet? It is an actual invention that was supposed to save your life if you are engulfed in flames and have no where to breathe from. Look at the atrocity:

That’s it for this journal… hope you liked it and see you next time!